Mind Opera

Just finished up a project for one of my clients, Mind Opera. They’re a digital media company that specializes in storytelling through video, motion graphics, design, media installations, digital art, and creative concepts; and they hired me to design and develop their website.

Mind Opera

Mind Opera wanted to work with me based on the design of my blog, particularly the “dark” background and the use of icons. After talking about the need to show off that they were a creative agency, we decided on a “hand-made” feel to the site.

Mind Opera About Page

Outside of some slight variations, the first design I handed them was what they went with. One of Mind Opera’s directives was that if they were going to use a mark, that it would be their pre-existing mark. Otherwise, the logotype could be all new. Based on how drastically the feel of the new design direction and the old mark were different, I decided to leave it out and focus on making a distinct logotype. One of my earlier attempts was in the “hand-made” vein, a wooden sign. After concern about the sign translating to other mediums, we decided on the four-color logotype that is currently used.

Being that Mind Opera worked as creative-types, they spoke a similar visual language and made the project very easy to dive into. Make sure to browse their new site and their page on my portfolio.

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